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When: Friday, Apr 10, 7:00 pm
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Sarpy Democrats Monthly Meeting
When: Wednesday, Apr 15, 7:00 pm
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Sarpy Democrats Monthly Meeting
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Split Electoral Vote

Sarpy County Democrats TV - In this first 2015 Sarpy Outlook segment, Peg O'Dea Lippert interviews Senator DiAnna Schimek, the mother of the split electoral vote in Nebraska. Senator Schimek discusses the origin of and the constitutionality of the bill, her introduction and the bipartisan support at the time. Multiple attempts have been made since to overturn it, including LB10 which is on the floor of the Unicameral at this time. The interview ends with a call to action as Senator Schimek asks viewers to contact their respectful senators to ensure we keep this fair representative vote of the people. Producer/Director Charlene Ligon, Content Director Peg O’Dea Lippert, Videography Charlene Ligon

This is what a successful presidency looks like!

In 6 years under President Barack Obama, we have made incredible progress as a country. The President saved the auto industry; brought our dependence on foreign oil and domestic emissions to historic lows; and stopped health insurance costs from ballooning out of control. Often in the face of incredible obstruction, the President has continued to fight for us and lead us forward.

Latest News

Hillary Clinton previews 2016, says it’s time to ‘crack every last glass ceiling’

SANTA CLARA, Calif. — Declaring this the time to “crack every last glass ceiling,” Hillary Rodham Clinton advocated forcefully here Tuesday for greater economic mobility for women and said she hopes to lead a divided nation into a “warm purple space” of compromise.

Clinton’s appearance before 5,000 female leaders in the heart of Silicon Valley’s technology industry left no doubt that she will run for president again. The overwhelming favorite for the 2016 Democratic nomination, Clinton said that she would announce her campaign “in good time” and that she was… Continue reading

Returning The GOP TO Power To Reduce Inequality Would Be Like Bringing Back Bill Callahan To Coach The Nebraska Football Team

For years, the Republicans have been predicting that President Obama’s policies will cause “Armageddon” and even make the U.S. “cease to exist.”  However, the economy took off in 2014 and had it’s best performance since 1999.  Over 3 million jobs were created and the economy seems poised for even better gains in 2015 and 2016.

The Republicans initially responded to this good news by trying to claim credit for the improved economic performance.  Those claims were laughable since the GOP did everything they could to obstruct Obama’s… Continue reading

The Affordable Care Act is Working

At the time the Affordable Care Act passed in 2010, John Boehner contended that passage of health reform was “Armageddon” because the law will “ruin our country.”  More recently and closer to home, Ben Sasse in his campaign announcement in 2013 predicted that: “If the Affordable Care Act survives, America will cease to exist.”  How have those apocalyptic predictions of doom held up?  Has the Affordable Care Act ruined our great country or is it actually working?

The verdict is in… Continue reading

Is President Obama a Socialist?

President Obama has been subject to an unprecedented torrent of abuse from his detractors since he emerged on the national scene.  His enemies have called him every name in the book and they (at times) have even stooped to attack his children.  One of the most misleading (and ignorant) epithets that has been hurled at Obama is that he is a “socialist.”  Just what is socialism?  What do real socialists make of President Obama?  And what do the President’s own policies say about this line… Continue reading

Is Ricketts Up To The Job?

While many State Senators in both parties are praising Governor Ricketts’ out reach and interpersonal skills, there have been many disturbing developments that call into question his very competence to do his job.  Already, Ricketts has provided misleading information regarding state taxes in his State of the State speech, blown up the budget for his own office and is paying a lobbyist for a foreign corporation out of his own pocket to serve as a senior adviser.

Ricketts got off to an early, poor start with his State of… Continue reading

So-Called “Small Government” Conservative Republicans Propose To Use Big Government To Take Away Peoples’ Freedom And Liberty

One thing we commonly hear from conservative Republicans are claims that they support freedom, liberty and smaller government.  As usual, there is a vast gap between the claims made by conservatives and reality.  A good example of this vast gap can be found in several bills in the Unicameral that have been proposed by so-called “small government” conservatives that would actually take away freedom from thousands of Nebraskans.

One of the most egregious big government bills being proposed by extreme Republicans is one requiring voters to show a… Continue reading

President Obama – Keeping America Safe

National security is back in the news in light of the recent and tragic terrorist attack in Paris.  Once again, the Republicans are playing their rancid, hyper-partisan blame games by attempting to convince the voters that somehow President Obama is responsible for these attacks.  (Imagine the outrage from the right if the Democrats had tried to turn the 13 embassy attacks during the Bush Administration into a political football?)  This pathetic attempt by the GOP to blame Obama for everything that goes wrong in the world is… Continue reading

Just Call Me Irresponsible: The Republicans On Spending & The Deficit

One of the most misleading and pernicious myths in American politics today is that the Republicans are fiscal conservatives and the Democrats are fiscally irresponsible.  That false perception originated with a statement made in the 1930s by FDR adviser and confidant Harry Hopkins who said that Democrats were going to: “Tax and tax, spend and spend, elect and elect.”  There has been a lot of water under the bridge since Hopkins made that statement and modern history clearly demonstrates that it is the Democratic Party that… Continue reading

Johanns’ Revisionist History

In a recent interview, outgoing Senator Mike Johanns contended that President Obama:  “Never developed the art of working across the aisle.”  Johanns further alleged that  after the 2010 election cycle – when the Republicans regained control of the House – the President “was not prepared, tested or experienced in how to operate successfully in that new environment … and  never developed the ability to work with Congress in a bipartisan way.”

Is Johanns right?  Is President Obama incapable of working across… Continue reading

Will “Ricketts’ Crickets” Blow Up the Unicameral?

One thing we can always count on from Republicans is a great sense of over confidence and hubris in the event they win an election.  After a successful election cycle, the GOP invariably believes that the voters have given them a mandate for their entire agenda and even their toxic tactics.   We are now beginning to see this kind of arrogance from the Nebraska GOP even though Governor-elect Ricketts promised that any changes in spending and taxation would be phased in over several years and would be very… Continue reading

Ricketts’ Shaky Start

In a recent editorial, the Lincoln Journal Star evaluated Ricketts’ use of special interest funds to finance a talent search for key department heads and asserted that Ricketts showed “executive savvy” and that it’s “clear that he’s off to a good start.”  Unfortunately, it is way too early to tell if Ricketts is off to a good start and there are tell tale signs that should concern all Nebraskans. Just what are those signs?  Why should the voters be concerned?

Nebraskans should be troubled by the fact that… Continue reading