Rookie Governor Ricketts “Struggling” In His New Job

As we’ve discussed here before, Pete Ricketts is off to a very poor start as Governor.  He has made a series of mistakes that call into question his competence and ability to function successfully as Governor of Nebraska.  Rickett’s stumbling start has not gone unnoticed on the national level. Governing […]


Is Jeff Fortenberry A Moderate?

Representative Jeff Fortenberry has successfully marketed himself as a moderate since he was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 2004.  For example, when I ran for Congress last year, I frequently heard from voters that Fortenberry wasn’t as extreme as the rest of the Nebraska Republican Congressional delegation. […]



Ricketts: Often Wrong But Never In Doubt

When Pete Ricketts ran for Governor last year, he promised to “Grow Nebraska.”  That was the central theme of his election campaign.  Ricketts proposed the usual tired conservative platform of tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations, and fewer regulations for big business as the magic elixir that would make […]


Why I’m Proud To Be A Democrat

I’m proud to be a Democrat due to our party’s many accomplishments over the years.  For example, nearly twice as many jobs were created during Democratic Presidencies as opposed to Republican Presidencies between 1962 and 2012.  At the present time, President Obama has created more jobs than the last two […]